Service Guarantee – Our 8 Points of Perfection

  1. When you bring your clothing to our store, we consult you personally about any spots, repairs or special needs your garments may have. For delivery route customers, we check each of your items individually as we take them from your bag. We also follow any instructions you may send us.
  2. We check your garments again when we prepare your detailed invoice. We note any special needs or repairs we may see. We wrap your delicate buttons. We call you if we see anything that needs your decision. We save all cash and or misplaced items in special forget-me-not bags to be returned to you with your order.
  3. We check your garments before we clean them. We may pre-spot or specialty-treat garments that need special attention before cleaning. We have over 50 years of cleaning experience on staff taking special care of the garments you love.
  4. Before we professionally and individually press each item, we check them for spots.
  5. We review your garments after they are pressed for spots and wrinkles.
  6. We check your garments again when we remove their individual identification tags. At this stage we also replace buttons on garments as needed.
  7. Each garment is individually inspected and reviewed for missing buttons, wrinkles, lint, spots and overall perfection when your order is prepared for return to you.
  8. Finally, and most importantly, you review your garments. If you are not 100 % satisfied, we will re-do your garment to your satisfaction.

When It Has To Be Perfect